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Robotic Wheels

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Wheels Description.

Wheels are the basic components of robotics it provides motion on the ground. Wheels are widely used to get accurate, fast movements and agility for any robots just focussing on movements.

Wheels are of many types but some of the basic widely used wheels are listed below.

  1. Standard Wheels– Standard wheels are the most common and widely available wheels used and found in the market. It can move in 2 directions; front or back or left or right. These wheels have a shaft joint at the centre of the wheel which is used to provide motion. Standard wheels can bear loads according to the material and width of the wheel. It is meant for load and grip. It can be directly powered by means of motors.
  • Castor Wheels– Castor Wheels are used for moving any bot in any desired direction on plane surfaces. It comprises of a small Ball attached to the end of the wheel knob. It is meant for low load capacity and all direction movement. It can’t be directly powered by means of motors.                           
  • Orientable Wheels– Orientable Wheels are standard wheels attached to wheel knob slightly away from the wheel knob axis making it rotate in every possible way. It can’t be directly powered by means of motors.
  • Omni Wheels– These wheels are a modification of Standard wheels. Small wheels are placed perpendicular to the shaft of the Standard wheels. It allows Omni Wheels not only to move in forward and backward but also in left and right. It’s meant to bear the load and for fast movements. It can be directly powered by means of motors.
  • Mecannum Wheels– These wheels are a further modification of Omni wheels where small wheels are placed on the standard wheels but 45 degrees to the shaft. Meccanum wheels allow the user to move in 8 directions from the starting point. it is meant to be for super-fast agility and strong base for the user.

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