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April 10, 2021


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RF Rx-Tx Module

1 min read

RF Rx-Tx Module

RF Rx-Tx module is Radio Frequency Receiver and Transmitter module. It is a high range data transfer method as compared to ESP8266. This can transfer data as far as 90m with a speed of around 10kbps. The receiver and the transmitter have to be controlled by microcontrollers to interpret the data.

Features of RF Module:

  • Receiver frequency 433MHz
  • Receiver typical frequency 105Dbm
  • Receiver supply current 3.5mA
  • Low power consumption
  • Receiver operating voltage 5v
  • Transmitter frequency range 433.92MHz
  • Transmitter supply voltage 3v~6v
  • Transmitter output power 4v~12v

The RF module is efficient as the transmitter draws no power when sending 0 signal and hence comparatively saves power. With an increase in power the range of the transmitter module can be increased.

The connection of the RX-TX module with any microcontrollers is shown, here Arduino UNO is used.



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